Double Play

Double Play, my eighth novel, is now available. It is currently on sale at Amazon, Smashwords(download a free copy by using the coupon code NQ78A by 5/18/14), and Apple’s iBooks. Like my other recent titles, it is $1.99.

Book Description:¬†After Brett Lattimore, a hot baseball prospect, and his wife are killed in a car crash, an attorney hires investigator Clay Hart to look into the accident. The attorney believes he’s seen Brett’s wife, Emma, alive and well, since the accident. And, though she may be missing, that doesn’t mean she’s dead. But the sheriff’s department has closed the case and believes the accident, though fatal, was routine.
As Clay tries to figure out what happened that night, he discovers that Emma isn’t the only one who might be hiding something. Brett was mixed up with Ramsey, a notorious local gambler who runs underground card games. And, when Ramsey gets wind that Clay is poking around and asking questions about the accident, he quickly lets Clay know that he should move on to other business.

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