The Other Shore

The Other Shore: Two Stories of Love and Death is now available. It is currently on sale at AmazonSmashwords, and Apple’s iBooks. Update(3/31/16): Now Available at Barnes & Noble.

Book Description: In The Other Shore, Simon’s life isn’t what he hoped it would be. And when he learns that his father is dying, he returns to his hometown for goodbyes. Though he has been estranged from his father since his mother’s untimely death six years ago, Simon rediscovers the power of parental influence. This leads him to some uncomfortable truths he’s spent years avoiding, but also leads him to Laura, who gives him hope for a future less damaged by the past.

In From the Boathouse, John, an aged man suffering from dementia, struggles to keep hold of his most precious memories—particularly how he met his wife—before they all slip away.

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