Let It Snow

Let it Snow, my seventh novel, was published last October. It is on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore, Smashwords, and other online retailers of ebooks. Like my other recent titles, it is $1.99.

Book Description: Annie and Eric are hosting a dinner party. Annie is edgy, having spent days obsessing over the fact that her old lover, Max, is in town for the holidays. And when Eric tells her he’s invited Max, who’s also Eric’s brother, Annie is mortified. It’s been years since she’s seen Max, and their relationship had a peculiar end that left Annie feeling jilted.

Meanwhile, the dinner party was originally planned to fix up their friends Michael and Holly. Michael has been pining after Holly, but she has been emotionally unavailable. Holly’s husband died years ago, and, though she’s fond of Michael, she’s unsure she’ll ever love again. Annie and Eric hoped getting them together over dinner, among friends, might help Holly warm to Michael. But when Holly arrives with a date, Michael’s feeling humiliated, and Eric and Annie are wondering if their party is doomed before it even begins.

Twitter Length Description: One dinner party. Two love triangles. What could go wrong?


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