The Lavender Haze

The Lavender Haze: Three Stories of Flirting with an Affair is now available. It is currently on sale at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple’s iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

Book Description: In the title story of The Lavender Haze: Three Stories of Flirting with an Affair, Micheal comes home to find Kelly, his wife’s best friend, has come for a visit. Through the evening, we learn that he and Kelly had a brief affair before the wedding that, to Michael’s surprise, still lingers.
In our second story, Lost to the Lake, Ray is going through a life crisis that he can’t shake. When he returns to work from a vacation that wasn’t as restorative as he hoped, he sees Regina, a new employee, and experiences a lovesickness he’s never known. He finds himself caught between the allure of love at first sight and his established life with his family.
On the Terrace, the final story, offers a window to a tantalizing conversation between a poet and his muse after she confronts him one morning.

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